I have only fairly recently become familiar with Isaan wood carving, although there is a book about it by Panchapan that was written about fifteen years ago.  This is the area in northeastern Thailand that shares many characteristics with its nearby neighbor Laos.  The language is very similar, although people in Isaan also speak Thai.  The artistic style in this area is an interesting blend of "primitive" yet very sophisticated at the same time.  This piece, meant to sit on a temple wall, combines inlaid glass defining the serpents' bodies with a lacquered wooden buddha amulet collector.  As many of you know the Naga is a protector of the buddha.  This is a wonderful, large and impressive piece, standing 60" tall.  It was damaged in shipment here, and so a few pieces of glass are missing near the point where the tails cross, but as you can see from the picture, this is not very noticeable.  It is difficult to date - it is a genuine artifact from a temple, but whether it is 19th century or early twentieth, I cannot say.  In any event, a fabulous piece.  $2500