Jizo is a much beloved Boddhisatva in Japan, Korea, and China, who is a protector of children, women, and travelers.  For that reason you often see them placed near the road (also in gardens, and around the house).  He is also known to help those who are struggling with a life problem or physical affliction.He is usually portrayed as a monk, in simple garb, and often holding a staff of six rings, and/or the jewel of the Dharma.  As you would expect, these are stones, and quite heavy.  Please take this into account in terms of shipping. 

Here's a relatively youthful Jizo with a fair bit of style, good size, and excellent lichen, dated to Showa 15 (1940). Height of 18" (45) cm, and approximate weight of 35 kg. Jizos with lotus-bloom balloons in hand are very popular. Granite. A couple of old nicks to the perimeter on the left-hand side viewing the piece straight on.   This piece looks better than the picture, and would be an ideal outside stone. $800.