This is a beautifully carved stone of Kannon, also known as Guanyin or Avalokiteshvara, depending on the country.  Also, this bodhisattva is also portrayed as male or female in various cultures.  In Japan, she is a female.  Her left hand holds a long stemmed lotus blossom, and the right in is the mudra of dispelling fear.  The stone is dated to the 10th year of the Bunsei era, or 1827, in the late Edo period.  Delicate carving and detail.  The condition is extremely good for its age, with some attractive lichen accumulation.  I am told it is quite uncommon, and I think it is the most unusual and nicest of all the stones I am selling.  It stands 20 inches tall, and is quite heavy, so shipping will be significant.  $1850