This torana (temple door lintel) was obtained from a temple that was being torn down and rebuilt.  It might be older, but I am being conservative.  Despite its age, it obviously was in active use -  worshippers have renewed some of the paint and there is devotional red sandalwood paste applied to the figures of the gods, a Hindu custom.  [Nepal is about 90% Hindu, about 9% Buddhist.]  It has been very deeply carved from  very dense heavy wood.  Old cracks that have been stabilized, and losses consistent with age.  It has a superb museum quality mount made for me by someone who works at the Metropolitan Museum, so it can be hung on any wall with bolts.  39 inches wide, 22 inches tall, about 8 inches deep.  Wonderful, deep, energetic carving with great age and patina.  Price upon request.

[NOTE:  this was obtained years ago, and has no relation to the earthquake of 4/15]